Sunday, 27 April 2014

Road Trippin: Montezuma's Castle and Well

After Seattle, we returned to Phoenix for a week and some before heading back to Melbourne.  Seth and Bennet were on school vacation so Mom planned for us to do this little 2-day road trip together.  I think it was part-bonding experience, part-Mom trying to convince us that Arizona is actually a really cool place.  Joke's on her though, I already knew that!  My home state is beautiful and there really is much to see.

First on the agenda was Montezuma's Castle, an ancient Native American adobe dwelling built into the side of a cliff.  Alec and I are sort of armchair archaeology fans, so this was a real treat.

Seth and Bennet with a little Anders peeking through.

It might be easy for one to think that Alec is actually the one related to these people.  I'm trying to think of a bouncy way to say "I really love that Alec and my family love each other so much, it's the best ever."  but here we are.

I'm not sure I need to, but I'll point out how ridiculously clever building an adobe dwelling into the side of a cliff would be in a hot desert.  If you've never been inside one, they stay very cool even in an Arizona summer.  This structure has multiple floors and is several rooms deep.  They got up there with ladders (probably).  I mean, HOW FREAKING COOL is what I am trying to say.

Also, just think of the possibilities in the zombie apocalypse.  Genius.


Now here we are at Montezuma's Well, a natural well just down the way.  I think I remember that there are species living in it that live nowhere else in the world.

Mom, Anders, Bennet, and Seth

See, again with the cuteness and the looking like each other.  I estimate that Seth and Bennet think Alec is one of the top people in the whole world (and vice versa).  I agree!

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