Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Nature Study 01

I've decided to make my nature pictures a regular feature.  I like taking them so much and this way you will know what to expect when you see that title.

So we did go to the dog park.  We go to Darebin Parklands, an area on Merri Creek which is a little drive from our house in Fairfield.  We go for Molly obviously, who feels like a very special girl when she hears the words "Do you want to go to the...PARK!!!!"  (Molly knows what that means and jumps exuberantly when she hears her favorite things so we usually have to spell it out before we are actually leaving).  We also go because it's the closest bit of nature to us in the city and it's peaceful.

The side of a stump, or an alien landscape.

Hello little Spiderman, living in a tree.

These trail markers are set up along the way.  I thought this one was particularly apt to our current life.  We have so many things to do and it's hard to be patient.

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