Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Monday

We sure love our public holidays in Australia.  Alec has a 4 day weekend for Easter and we're spending the time doing mostly nothing.  It's been windy, raining, and cold out all weekend, so we are happy to have some sun today at least.  We need to soak up every moment of fall because by Melbourne standards, it will be winter next week.

The heaters on for the first time and Alec lit some cedar incense that we brought back from Arizona, so I'm imagining that it's almost like having an indoor fireplace.  We may go to the dogpark later.  It's a cozy day.

Clementine loves to be outside in the sun.

Our plants also need a bit more sun before they all go into winter hibernation.  
Half of these were cuttings gifted to us by the neighbor's nature strips ;)

Investigating the weeds together.  Our backyard is a bit feral right now.

Cloth diapers drying on the line.

Bell pepper bushes, creeping towards a long winter rest.

The last of the green beans.

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