Thursday, 24 April 2014

Clem and Grams

I still have a ton of pictures to share from Arizona.  Like I said, while we were there I thought best to spend the time with people and then I could do this part later.  At first I thought having a blog would be like "Oh, I have a blog."  The more I get into the habit of it (and it really needs to be a habit otherwise I accidentally go two weeks without doing it until my Mom sends me a "BLOG!" text) the nicer it is just to be able to look back on posts and see what we were doing.  Especially seeing how Clementine has changed.  She will be so embarrassed when she gets older!

For instance, she is much more rolley in these pictures.  She still is a bit but she's longer now.  Not to mean that she is in any way tall, because obviously.  Anyway, these are adorable.  

Every day Mom got home from work, she'd walk in the door and scoop Clem up from wherever she was and get a nice cuddle.  My Mom has a way of holding babies, you may know.  I sure miss that Momma of mine.  

Ps. Happy Weekend!  It's ANZAC Day today which is another Public Holiday.  We only have the Queens Birthday left until the long dark winter of no long weekends.  It's nice to have Alec home, we went to breakfast this morning with his new coworkers and then potted plants I bought at IKEA yesterday.  

I also sent him to the grocery store with Clementine BY HIMSELF and I'm quite pleased to say he did just fine and remembered to buy all the things.

This was a long Ps.  Carry on.


  1. Can you do a post about that email you sent me telling me that I was right? About everything, pretty much since the beginning of time? Or at least the first part?

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about.