Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sydney part 2... now with gifs!

Our second day in Sydney was spent taking a ferry out to Manly Beach**.  We both decided Sydney felt sort of like a tropical Seattle because it's on such a huge harbor and you can take ferries everywhere.  I love ferries, and even if they aren't always the fastest way, they are certainly the most fun.  I will gladly go out of my way to ride a ferry.

Unlike Seattle, when you board these ferries, the other tourists pretty much RUN to get the good spots.  We somehow ended up at the back of the line on the way out, so that trip was less eventful.

I was kicking myself the whole time for not bringing my swimsuit, but I'm not too sure I own one that fits these days either!

There is a nice grassy area that goes along the boardwalk, so we had a lunch of fish and chips and sat there for a few hours.  It was sunny and the weather was perfect.  Sydney beats Melbourne in the weather department.


On the way home I convinced Alec to push his way to the front of the mass of people and run to save us some spots.  In hindsight I am very impressed that he pulled this off, Alec is much too reasonable to want to push past people or be...aggressive (this is much more of a Kirsta thing)!  He done good and we had prime seats on the side of the boat.

Alec had the camera for this part and took approximately one million pictures... so I tried out some gifs!  You can almost imagine that you're on the ferry with us.  Sure!

We went right past the Opera House.  Very well done on getting the good seats, husband.

**While rereading this at the end, I laughed...haha Manly Beach.  Good name.

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  1. Love the picture of Alec & Clem. And man do we miss you guys- today would've been the perfect morning for Clem to join us for early-morning cuddles.