Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Joani and Mike's in Seattle

Alright now I am totally backtracking in time.  While in America, we spent a week visiting family in Washington state.  We stayed with my Aunt Joani and Uncle Mike in their amazing house in Columbia City (south Seattle).  Most of the parts that were so amazing could not be captured on camera: delicious dinners with wine that lasted much later than we are used to staying up, morning coffee over views of the misty lake, relaxing with blankets on the porch late into the night while watching the lights on the water.

Being in Seattle felt restorative in a way I did not anticipate.  Alec and I lived here together when we first started dating, so it feels like our spiritual homeland in a way.

This is Ginger and she might be my favorite kitty in the whole world (don't tell Mimi). 

J & M's house is filled with little treasures in unexpected places.

The whole house has amazing natural light, even on a typical rainy Seattle day.

I'd like to have a print of this too!  I think it used to hang in their bathroom when they lived in Phoenix?

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  1. I love Columbia city, I took business classes and am saving $ to start a cafe down there.