Friday, 2 May 2014

Road Trippin: Day 2, Jerome

A little update on our non-photographed life!  Many of you know, Alec got a new job pretty quickly after we arrived home.  He is now a Technical Recruiter, so he'll be helping people find jobs in the tech world.  He gets to meet with nerds all day and talk to them about nerd things, totally perfect for him.

He's been at it for three weeks and went to Sydney this past week for extra training.  That means me and Clementine were going solo, a first for us.  Malia, Alec's sister, stayed with us and it felt like a big sleep-over.  We had a great time hanging out, but I think Clemmy missed her Dad and suddenly was waking up once or twice in the night.  Yikes.  This is highly unusual because she's usually an excellent sleeper.  Keep your fingers crossed that tonight gets better, because he's home!  Yay!

So that's that.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

After Montezuma's monuments, we drove to Flagstaff with the intention of visiting Lowell Observatory.  We stayed at Little America.

The princess enjoying some television viewing from her pillow throne.

Majorly unfortunately, it was overcast and there wasn't anything to see from the Observatory.  I was glad we went to Flagstaff anyway, I haven't been back since I left and it was a little therapeutic to revisit the streets I used to stumble around.  It felt small in the way visiting one's school cafeteria does (has anyone ever experienced this, it felt so big as a kid!).

After some breakfast we drove to Jerome.  It's a remote old mining town high up on the side of a mountain.  I should point out that it would also be an excellent retreat in the case of the zombie apocalypse, take note Arizonans!

We had fun in Jerome, but I'm not sure there was much to see other than the excellent views and some history.  I think only about 500 people actually live there, with as many tourists.

This is an old jail which slid down the hill about 275 feet, through the street and to the other side.

We had fun walking around just the same.

It's steep.

Views of Oak Creek Canyon off in the distance.

I sat down on this bench and said "Take a picture of me!!" not knowing I was totally being photobombed.

Bennet asked to carry Clemetine in the carrier and he did a great job.  You can see how proud of himself he was, what a good uncle :)  I hope he won't be embarrassed if I mention that she had a diaper leak and his shirt was soaked.  He took it in stride and I think thought it was a funny story.  
The only clean shirt left in the car was one of Alec's black metal shirts and I know he didn't mind wearing that at all!

Teeheeee funny expression from Clementine.

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