Thursday, 17 April 2014

Seward Park

One afternoon, Alec, Clem, Joani and I took a walk in Seward Park which is just down the way from their house.  Neither of us had ever been and I was kicking myself because Molly would have loved it. We started out together but the light rain and quiet ambient light made for a sort of peaceful melancholy mood, and without even deciding to, we were all walking separately, each enjoying the walk in our own way.  

I wore a hooded rain jacket and watched as drops occasionally dripped from the front.  Beyond the rain pattering on my jacket, it was very quiet.  It was so peaceful in a way that is rare these days (as anyone with a baby could understand).  

Joani made this hat for Clementine and it became an instant favorite.  
I'm waiting for my own to arrive in the mail (hint hint :).

Alec walked with an umbrella and Clem slept for most of the walk.

All kinds of moss grow on any available surface.

A view of the lake.

We stopped to watch these ducks all swim suddenly to one side or the other.  It looked like something was chasing them under the water but we never saw what it was.  Maybe a Lake Washington shark?

There is a clay studio in an old house on the edge of the park.  
Joani does ceramics here, so we stopped by to have a look.

Gooooooooooo these two.

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  1. Great. Now I miss you, Alec, Clem AND Mike and Joani.