Monday, 27 October 2014

Sunday Afternoon

It's springtime, which means we can spend our lazy weekend time hanging outside on the porch and playing in the garden.  We do have a really great porch.  

Clementine is trying to get around the barrier we tried to create so she can get in the garden and play with the dirt.  She needs a bath every night these days because she is always dirty from playing outside.  My kind of girl.

We bought these seedlings at a garage sale: broccoli, rocket, cucumber, and snow peas.

A few of our own seedlings just poking their heads out.  We found two fully functioning grow lights in someone's hard rubbish pile and they make such a big difference with these little guys.  Our heirloom tomatoes, beans, and carrots were all up in under a week.  I've never had good luck growing tomatoes from seed but I think this year will be the winner. 

(Hard Rubbish is the time of year when the council drives around and picks up everyone's big crap to take to the dump-best time of year to find neat free things like grow lights!)

One of Clementine's favorite things to do is pull all the clothespins out of this planter and throw them on the ground.  So helpful!

I turned around to talk to Alec for really 5 seconds and she is halfway around the house.

Hanging with Dad.

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