Sunday, 5 October 2014


Now that Mom has come to visit four times, we wanted to get out of Victoria and see something new.  We've done pretty much every touristy thing one can do in Melbourne.  We found some cheap tickets to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania (one of the states in Australia, it's a smaller island in the south).

We were very lucky to find this house listed on Airbnb, it's in an area called Sandy Bay and it had an excellent view of the Derwent River.  I kept thinking the river was the ocean because it was so wide, it looked a lot like Puget Sound in Washington.  We woke up every morning and relaxed with books and the view, not needing to get out until after Clementine woke up from her morning nap around 11.
We had no high chair so Clem ate breakfast sitting on the tile floor.  It's much easier to clean up that one of us holding her in our lap getting food smeared all over our clothes.  It also makes for an adorable photo opportunity.

As you can see, she is playing peekaboo with her toast :)
She was like a booger factory this week, so naturally most of the boogers ended up all over our shirts.

This was the sunset view from the kitchen/livingroom/deck.  The whole upper floor had floor to ceiling windows so you can see why it was hard to do anything but sit around and watch things go by.  

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