Saturday, 4 October 2014

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Every room in our house has floor to ceiling windows, an excellent feature which was a huge selling point on our moving in.  The dining area has a lovely garden view with some variety of stone fruit tree (maybe you have noticed it behind the pictures of Clementine in her high chair).  The tree gifted us with a few weeks of these beautiful blossoms.  

I still have no idea what kind of fruit we will actually get (if someone has a guess please tell me!), but now we've all been singing the Popcorn Popping song non-stop.  I hope the fruit is good.  I'm dreaming of all the pies and jam I'm going to make with it.

Oh, and this is totally the time of year when North America can start being jealous because it's cold there and beautiful springtime here.  Sweet revenge!

Yeah... I had to stand on a chair to get these pictures.  

Ps.  While writing this, I heard Anders corralling Clementine in the kitchen and yelling "Kid, STOP TRYING TO EAT THE DOG FOOD!"  She gets into absolutely everything :)

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