Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hobart, A Little Hike

Hobart is beautiful.  It's more dry than Melbourne, (again) a little like Flagstaff in the springtime.  We settled for a nice little hike along the beach down the road from our house in a town called Taroona.  Someday we will go back and drive all over the island when we are not beholden to the nap times of a little tyrant.

This lady let us know who's boss in the neighborhood.

A good picture of most of the landscape of our hike.  A little grass, trees, sand, and the water.  We poked around in the sand searching for interesting treasures and walked quietly.

Being in nature feels so replenishing.  Our terminus was this little bay where we sat down for a while.  It was warm enough so we got Clem naked and let her crawl around in the sand.  You can see she LOOOOOVED it.  She has her Momma's coloring!

I have photographic evidence of her very first taste of sand.  It was a big hit and she proceeded to rub it in her hair and on her face.  I can't wait to take her to the beach this summer!

(We switch to disposable diapers when traveling.  After we tried to bring the cloth diapers on our last trip to Daylesford where we had a maybe broken washing machine, wringing them out by hand, and then trying unsuccessfully for two days to dry them, we decided it's just easier this way and it's only for a few days).

A tired girl after a solid play in the sand and sun.  Nothing sweeter than having your baby fall asleep on your chest.

Our flight back to Melbourne left at 8 pm, so we took our time enjoying our last night.  It was very lucky that our airbnb host was happy to let us check out later in the afternoon so Clem could have her afternoon nap.

Grams treated us to a delicious seafood dinner in the harbor, which of course had excellent views.  Hobart, we'll be back!

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