Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Darebin Parklands

This one's pretty photo heavy but I don't feel like doing a separate post for all my nature pics, and there were many good ones on this trip.  There've been a few posts from this park, it's just down the road from our house.

"I love and hate the dog park because I just want to play with all the dogs, and they just want to play with each other." - Anders.  We all got to pat this cute little black pug.

I have another picture of these two standing under this same tree.  Clemmy is a little bigger now!

It's springtime so there are interesting little flowers everywhere.  When I breathe deeply they are easy to smell on the air.


I managed to get shots of parrots!  So exciting!  They are never low enough in the trees or I am too slow or many other reasons contribute to not getting pictures of them.  But this time.. victory!  I'm pretty sure these are Rainbow Lorakeets and they are pretty common around us.  That doesn't stop me from being totally excited every time I see one.

One difference I always notice between places I have lived is how the nature sounds, especially the birds.  There are all kinds of parrots around us and I love listening for them.

Riding back on Mom!

This is a Magpie, they are everywhere and also make a lot of noise.  I thought they live in the US as well but Anders had never seen one, so I'm including it in case you haven't too.

And that commences our walk at the dog park!


  1. You and Clem have the same smile in this last pic of you two. Miss you Sweety.

  2. Oh, and it concludes your walk at the dog park. If you were commencing, you'd just be starting. "Mom!"
    I can't help it.