Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hobart Part Deux

There were so many neat things to do in Hobart.  It's very small for a capital city, maybe about the size of Flagstaff.  We went to MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art), one of the creepiest and most interesting museums I've ever seen.  It's the top thing to see in Hobart for a reason.  I didn't take any pictures but maybe my Mom has a few.

We saw the Salamanca Market, a big outdoor market on the water.  In the way of markets it was pretty touristy, but we had fun.  It was sunny and right on the cusp of being warm.

Old timey buildings.  Maybe being so small, Hobart has preserved more of its historical buildings and the old part of the city felt very British.

 Later that day we drove up to Mount Wellington, which is accessible via a beautiful and windey 45 minute drive.  The higher in elevation, the more the landscape starts to change into this really high-desert, ancient lava flow landscape.

Here's the summit.  It was COLD up there!  We weren't expecting it because it was a nice 68ish down in the town.  There was even bits of snow sitting around.  The constant melting and freezing of the water up there has caused all these neat cylindrical rock formations.

I tried to walk up to the summit (in flip flops of course) but it was really windy and cold and Clementine was unimpressed.  I wrapped her up in my sweater and she was pleased.

As you can see, so many excellent views in every direction.  That is Hobart and the river and beyond.

We took shelter from the wind in the little observation room with big windows.  These copper doors were the coolest part (other than the views behind me).  Also note Clementine's adorable cold, pink cheekies.

Aaaaand Clementine has had enough of the cold, thankyouverymuch.  She was a trooper.  We stayed just long enough to see everything and are getting much better at going "nope, ok time to go" when Clem has reached her limit (instead of trying to stay and making a tired baby even more tired).  I think a nice balance between the two is best.

We listened to classical music on the radio on the drive up and back down.  It reminded me of driving in Grandpa Hawkins's truck as a kid.

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