Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Walking on the Beach

These are the pictures I took on the beach after Anders took over Clem carrying duties.  The beach is pretty empty in the winter, we usually only see a few people out walking their dogs (like us!).

It might be hard to imagine for all yous sweating your butts off in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's winter!  It's freezing at the beach (in a good way).  It couldn't decide if it wanted to rain the whole walk.

The kelp builds up in the winter and is usually mostly gone in the summer.  It helps protect against erosion.  I think someone told me this, no idea who.

The view with your back to the water.

Molly is a ferocious animal who loves to rip apart sponges!  They are plentiful along the beach.  I've never seen her play with anything with such unadulterated joy.

Anders throwing sponges for Molly (which sounds weird when I type it out).

Molly giving the water a little side-eye.  She does not care for the water.

It's nice to walk in the cold sometimes when you have the right jacket and socks and hat, but I'm pretty ready for summer to come back.  I miss the sun and the thought of going to the beach in my regular non-pregnant body is sooooo appealing.  But in the meantime, winter!

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