Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Some things and some other things

I don't have a very epic topic today, it's been a big week for me and we haven't had time to do anything photogenic.  So instead, I'll share these pictures I took a while ago of the donkeys that live on the property next door to the Somers house.  Anyone who knows me knows if there is a farm animal (or really any animal) within reach, I'm going to try and pat it and feed it grass.

There is a boy donkey and his smaller, lady counterpart.  He never lets her eat any of the grass, what a stinker.  They are the fluffiest, most well cared for donkeys I have ever seen.

Even for a stinker, he has a very cute donkey face.

I want to cuddle him and those ears.

So that's that.  Cute donkeys, maybe one day we will have some of our very own.  Maybe if you are lucky, later today I will write a blog post at work about why this has been a big week for me!  Wait, at work??  What??  Stay tuned!

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