Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Clementine @ 9 months, 3 days

Can you even believe how big this girl is getting?  The hours are long, but the months are so short.  I met a friend's brand new baby the other day and starting tearing up right there in the cafe because MY BABY ISNT SMALL ANYMORE WAAAA.  Even still, I think she gets better with age.

This is the best time, she's so interactive, her personality is developing sooo much, and she's finally figuring out how to move around.  I thought I'd list a few developments to share with y'all.

-Favorite places are out where she can interact with people, she looves the train and anywhere she can see other kids playing like Nursery Rhyme group at the library.

-Loves hugs and cuddles.  She gives Dad hugs first thing when she wakes up every morning and whenever she feels like it throughout the day.  Occasionally a lucky non-mom/dad person will get one too. 

-Eats everything except potatoes and other boring foods.  She is an adventurous eater and even likes spicy foods (my girl!!).  She eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner on top of boobs.

-Loves animals, especially Mimi the cat.  She giggles uproariously when Mimi walks by.  She also loves Benji, Jess's dog, who makes lots of grunts and loves to lick her toes.

-She has figured out throwing food on the ground during meal time and also that Molly will come by and eat whatever she drops.  Finds this very funny, we are working on teaching her this is not ok.

-Very chatty.  No actual words yet, but lots of sounds and giggles.  She regularly wakes up and talks to herself in bed until someone comes to get her.  She will yell at people in public if strangers don't acknowledge her when she wants.  She has a lot to say!

We think her blue eyes and blonde hair are here to stay, which is just what I looked like at this age!

Her smile is the best thing ever and she smiles all day long.  The happier she gets, the wider and bigger it is.  I am surprised she can open her mouth so big.

Loves toys, especially ones she can bang on something else like these little gears.

Picking dog hairs off of the rug to eat.  Yeah, I don't know either...

The other day I left her on the bathroom floor because she was happily rolling around while I was getting ready.  I came back two seconds later and she'd knocked over the trash can and was eating garbage.  Great!

Playing with toys and looking at Dad taking pictures.

Goof balls

A new favorite game, put toys in grown up's mouth.  Even better if grown ups make growling noises and pretend to eat toys.  

This is often followed by another beloved game, Smash Mom in Glasses with Toy.

She is also discovering what a temper tantrum is, FUN.  She is willful and cheeky (just like her parents/whole family) and we are having to train ourselves not to give into it.  She is already showing tyrant tendencies which is hard for me, because I really just want to give her everything she wants.  I know she is faking it a lot of the time because when she's crying and I pick her up, she is instantly ok.  Gotta work on that one..

So yes, lots of fun things happening.  Ups and downs, but mostly ups.  She sure keeps us on our toes!

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  1. I bet Alec would like to eat his breakfast, lunch, and dinner on top of boobs too. Actually, there are probably a fair number that would like that . . .