Sunday, 10 August 2014

City Date

On Saturday we had an occasion to go to the city and meet friends for drinks BY OURSELVES.  I am not exaggerating, this is only the second time we have done this since Clementine was born.  It should really happen more often but like I said to Anders this weekend, I am not "there" yet.  Baby steps!

I didn't take any pictures while we were with friends because we sort of forgot, but then as we were walking back to the train, I was like "Wait, pictures!"  Carrying around a dlsr is not exactly convenient.

Random shots of walking down Swanston St. and just so happened to catch these skateboarders.  They are brave, I would never ride a skateboard in city traffic.  The crappy weather doesn't seem to phase anyone but me, the sidewalks were packed.  

Funny story, once I accidentally drove down this street (it's for trams and taxis only) while showing some visiting friends around the city at night.  It was so scary.  I thought I got away with it until I got a ticket in the mail, thanks Obama!

Mr. Handsome, just going to point out how long and full Alec's beard is getting.  If I want to butter him up, complimenting him on his beard always works ^_^

Wasn't going to include this one, but then I noticed Alec's hair.  Look at all those greys!  I love it.

Annnnnd me!  I am really trying to work on not looking like a goofball in pictures, but it's two steps forward, three steps back with that one.  There were about 100 pictures where I made silly faces, it was not any easier considering a few hundred people walked by and stared in the process.

This dress is pretty much the reason I brought the camera at all.  I bought it in Tokyo when I went with Anders and I loooove it.  It's so weird and always feels a little dramatic.

So that's our afternoon in the city.  So romantic.  We held hands on the train and made jokes and felt very carefree for a few hours.  Thanks Anders for watching Clementine!


  1. I was going to argue but I haven't showered in four days sooooo...

  2. You are soooo pretty. And Alec's beard is . . . full?

  3. And can I have that jacket you're wearing?

  4. You can borrow it when you visit!