Thursday, 2 January 2014

Feral Carrots

We love our garden.  We love being outside, getting dirty, and especially finding chances to entertain ourselves away from our screens.  Our seasons are opposite down here in Australia, so we are just starting to collect the first bits of our summer veggies.  The carrots were supposed to be picked a while ago, but you may have heard we had a little Clementine recently and we've had less time to be keeping our plants in line.

I finally spent some time tidying out there this weekend when I noticed a few of the carrots had gone to seed.  For non gardeners, this means you've let the plant get too big and it won't taste as good anymore.

If you grow carrots in rough soil (which ours certainly is), they will search out the softer spots and grow in all kinds of weird shapes.  So, here's what I found.  Might not be so good for eating, but they look cool!

Clementine was happy to sit in the shade and talk to herself while I worked.  

 If they grow too close together, the roots will get very friendly.

This one feels a little sexual?

Perhaps having a carrot chat.

Molly guarded Clem.  Initially she did not care much for the baby, but she's becoming more protective of her.  I hope they will be friends.

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