Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Guadalupe Part Dos

After the first shop we were headed to Ahwatukee to meet my friend Stevie for her ultrasound.  Before we left, however, I saw how neat and colorful the other buildings in the area were and I *needed* to take more pictures.  I am more than happy to be the goofy tourist on this trip.

We only got as far as this building because we had about 5 minutes until 
we'd be late if we weren't on the road.

Of course as soon as we pulled over, we realized the building was a little food stand... 
so obviously I needed snacks.

Hooooooly crap this food was good.  I told the dude at the counter I was about to be late, so he made some bean and cheese tostadas real quick.  They were no joke the best ones I've ever had.  
I wish we'd had time to try more things.

I didn't take pictures because we ate them too quickly.

I couldn't include the blasting mariachi music coming from a jukebox around the corner, but it was there.  It sounded like my childhood.

Guadalupe was more than worth the visit.  Hopefully we'll be back soon.

And then we were finally back on the road.  This is the thing about driving in Phoenix.  
Even in the middle of the "city," you get these vast expanses of horizons.  Everything is flat and 
usually the only sign of life is the other cars swerving around you.  
Sometimes all the light gives me a headache, but other times it feels calm and patient.


  1. Is your mother really the only one who will point out to you that in your "everything is flat" picture, there's a MOUNTAIN RANGE across the vast expanse of horizon?!?!

  2. It's the Valley of the Sun- we're surrounded by mountains!
    I'm pretty sure it's not the light that gives Kirsta a headache when she's home. It_might_be her mother . . .