Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Back in America

I stopped writing for a little bit because the week before we left for Phoenix, Melbourne had a major heat wave.  It was up to 45 (or about 110-113 F) during the day which feels gross.  Therefore, anything beyond basic functions was really, really difficult.

We sort of moved into Malia's house for the week because she has AC.  It felt like a grownup sleepover.

Now we are at my Mom's house in Phoenix for a few weeks.  Somehow we all missed having serious jetlag this time, I think because Alec and I stayed up through the whole flight.  Clementine slept the whole way mostly and didn't cry or fuss as usual.

My Mom's house is full of interesting treasures.  I wish I could take all of her pots home with me.

A few years ago we adopted the front porch as the meeting place for all the siblings to hang out, do adult things, and talk about how crazy our parents are.  It has big comfy chairs and in the winter the weather is basically perfect.  We spend long afternoons talking and looking at the blue, blue sky.

This is Wolfgang.  Technically he belongs to the neighbors, but he's been sleeping on my parents chairs for years.  He is extremely friendly and drools constantly.  You can't sit out here without him marching by for a requisite cuddle.  He's a bit up there in the years. 

Uncle Sam loves his Clementine.

Stevie and I got hungry and brought Bertha's back for everyone.  We'll call this one sandwichocalypse, which also included mini cookies and brownies and lemonbars.  
I missed iced tea which we don't have in Australia.

She is trying desperately not to succumb to the calming feelings of her "sucky."

...but it was hard, so she took a nap instead.

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