Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Afternoon Walk

This morning we woke up to discover that my Mom had left for work with the carseat and stroller in her car.  Facing a day with no significant mobility, we took a few walks.  Walking around my neighborhood gives the sensation of not really getting anywhere, but having been walking for some time.

The streets are wide, the sky is incessantly blue.  A day this perfect in Melbourne would be a miracle.

Wolfgang sees we are in the front yard and comes over for a pat.  The walk can now begin.

This sun hat is adorable and almost getting too big for her.

Neighbor truck

Neighbor dog lets us know he sees us.

I used to walk by this bear sculpture thing at night when I was sneaking out of my house.
It has red lightbulbs in the eyes and is totally creepy but awesome.

....And then my camera battery died, so I didn't get the cacti pictures I was really after.  Next time!

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