Monday, 30 December 2013


We go to this place in the city on Elizabeth St. called Coconut House every once in a while.  I'd say it's in our top 5 favorite restaurants right now; delicious, reasonably priced Malaysian food and you get to sit outside and watch tourists walk by.  People watching is half the fun of going to the city.

We hadn't even ordered our food and these scruffy little vultures were already hovering.

We took my Mom and Bob here when they visited in April and Bob described this food as 
"Anthony Bourdain level stuff."

I usually order this.  Fried chicken on top of noodles and sauce with some pork mincey stuff.  
If it comes in a bowl with a bunch of bits to mix together, it's good with me.

Three layers of iced goodness: tea, milk, and cane syrup (I think?).

Clementine was content watching the sun in the leaves of the tree next to our table.  
She loves being out of the house.

The hoards circled.

Gah, love these two!!!  I think they especially look alike in this picture.

The birds helped themselves the second we stood up from the table.  Half cute, half gross.

...Not included in the pictures is the wafting scent of hot garbage on the wind.  

On the train home, Clementine pondered deep things and chewed on her hand.

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