Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Tuesday we had a little adventure and ventured into Guadalupe, which is the Reservation for the Yaqui people, right in the middle of the city.  It's the sort of place where one would inexplicably turn up on a wrong turn while driving between Tempe and Phoenix at 3 am (just like those airport exits!).  I guess it was always a "bad" neighborhood.  I was excited to see what it was really like during the daylight.

We went mostly to explore this place, Mercado Mexico, in hopes of finding some Talavera to bring back to Melbourne.  This place is a gold mine of reasonably priced goods and the owner was lovely.

Alec immediately found the most metal thing in the store.

These guys were about three feet tall, I WANT ONE.

Armadillos.  Also definitely not suitcase sized.  

Tree of Life.  I'm still deciding if I will have enough suitcase space to bring one of these home.

In addition to the inside, there was also a yard filled with even more things.  

Snack time.

This guy was so huge we didn't even notice when standing right next to it.

Boxes and boxes of painted tiles.  My future dream house bathroom will be filled with these.

This ferocious little dude kept an eye on us.

This is Jesse, the owner.  We chatted with him for a while, apparently his son is married to an Australian woman.  He was friendly and blushed when I asked to take his picture.

Clementine was a champ through the whole thing, although maybe she is 
slipping in a subtle message here.

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