Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Weekend in Pakenham

This past weekend we were invited by Alec's friend Daniel to stay at his parent's beautiful house in Pakenham, an outer suburb of Melbourne.  We can never resist an opportunity to get out of the city on the weekend.

Dad and Clemmy played bubbles in the driveway.

"Mmmm, rocks!  My fav."

Clementine can climb now and no surface is safe.

Clem loooooved their dog, Milly.  Milly was less enthused.  She chased her around the house and gave her cuddles and kisses and giggled at how silly she was.

Poor Milly.  "Soft!!!!" is a work in progress.

Alec and Daniel played drones.

I picked blackberries.  They were everywhere!  The Americans might be scandalized to know that blackberries sell for sometimes as much as $7-8 a punnet here, so I felt like I was picking money.  Being rich with free fruit that you picked yourself is a good thing to be.

Molly also had fun.  She rolled in poo and was very upset that she had two baths in one weekend.

Overall a very lovely weekend.  Thanks Daniel for having us!

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