Monday, 16 February 2015

Thailand: Tiger Cave and Home

Tiger Cave!  It's close to the airport, so on our way out to go home we asked the driver if we could make a stop here.  It's a temple inside of a cave, it's pretty neat.  As you may know, Alec knows a bit about Buddhism so he always has interesting facts when we see places like this.  I am always surprised at how much he remembers as he hasn't been a Buddhist for many years.

Statues of saints


A family brings offerings to the monks and they get blessings in return.  They offered medicines and tiny statues.

We had a laugh about this sign and then wouldn't you believe I smashed my head so hard into the ceiling five seconds later I had a goose egg and a headache for a few days.

A statue of the tiger.  I believe the legend goes that there was a tiger living in this cave til the monks chased it out and built a temple.

"Where should we put the whale skull?  Oh, lets put it by the shed." -Alec  (It was a random thing to see at a temple).


Deep monkey thoughts.

And then we went on to the airport to start our journey home.  We checked in early (Alec likes to be everywhere early) and tucked in with some iced tea and our books.  I was texting Malia and she said "Wow, you must have a really long layover because it's Wednesday and you're not coming home til Friday!"  At first I was like, ohhh maybe there's a time change.  Then I really looked at our ticket and no, we had gone to the airport and checked in a whole day early.  WHAT HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.

After much humming and hawwwing at the counter it turned out that there was nothing they could do that wouldn't cost many hundreds of dollars.  We were staying another day.  I didn't cry the whole trip from missing Clem but after that I took myself over to a quiet corner and had a good cry.  I missed by baby and I wanted to go home.  Maybe that's why we had convinced ourselves that was the day we were leaving?  We still don't know how that happened.

We took a taxi back to Ao Nang and checked in to an overpriced, very touristy hotel with a pool on the beach.  I wanted AC, a tv, and a swim in chlorine.  We walked up and down the touristy part of town, ate dinner, and laid in our cool room and watched TV.  It wasn't bad, in fact it was quite nice.  Somehow this last silly and emotional bit of the trip bonded us in a way the rest of it couldn't.  Yes, we'd had an amazing time being free away from our kid, but we were ready to be home together with our little family.

The next day we checked into the airport with no problems, had a long layover in Kuala Lumpur, and made it back to Melbourne in one piece.  THE END ^_^

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