Friday, 13 February 2015

Thailand: Ferry to Tonsai Beach

Sometimes moving between places in a new country is as much of an event as actually being where you wanted to go.  I'm adding them in the synopsis of the trip because these journeys are an inevitable part of travel.  The ones on this trip were pretty harmless but I'll never forget the uncomfortable night busses where I didn't sleep or my seat was broken or there was a chicken in the aisle or some lady locked herself in the only toilet on a 12 hour ride.  

Here's a ferry terminal where we got the boat to Tonsai.  It was chaos!  Everyone got a sticker with their destination and I think hopes and dreams were really the only thing that let you know which was the right boat to get onto.  

The people getting off the boats go down this walkway with all these people yelling at them.

We met this couple on the truck ride to the ferry, we were going to the same place so we got to talking over a few beers on top of the boat.  They live in London but are from Spain and Chile and had just quit their jobs to go on a long trip.  They were rad, we talked about living in different places and jobs and the medical systems in our various countries (he was a nurse).  Also the dude liked METALLLL so he and Alec had much to discuss.

The woman (I can't remember her name now but she was rad) about feeling comfortable in your life and how sometimes it's not a good thing.  It can feel like you're just chugging along and life is happy but a little boring, and then an opportunity pops up and you have to grab it and go with it even if it feels really uncomfortable.  More often than not to get out of that dull place you have to push yourself in a scary direction to get somewhere better.  This happens in travel (always looking for the next awesome place to see and never sitting still) but especially in life.  I'm certainly in the pushing phase right now, doing something that feels strange and uncomfortable but that I believe will produce huge results.  

I went to find the toilet at one point and hello... there is the whole engine!  It was SOOOO LOUD and I was surprised it was just right there.

The ferry was so much better than the bus.  It took about an hour and watching the cliffs and islands go by was great.

I ran my hand along the railing and it was so salty from the ocean spray that chunks of salt came off.

After that it was a quick longboat ride into Tonsai.  They park the boat in the shallows and you jump in up to your knees and walk to shore.

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