Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Thailand: Ko Lanta

Ahhhh Ko Lanta.  My most ultimate favorite beach.  We could have probably stayed here for the whole trip if not for the urge to make sure we'd seen at least a few things.  Next time!  We stayed for four nights and didn't venture very far except to walk up and down the beach for dinner and swims.

This is the beach right in front of our place at low tide.  Soooo nice.

My view for much of the first day: laying in the shade, watching the clouds go by.

Here's the front of the propety from the dirt road side.  It's surrounded by jungle.

This is our bungalow, the best part was the open-to-nature shower.  I loved taking a shower at night and looking up at stars or having a bird fly in for a visit.

Every morning we woke up to a chorus of tropical birds with all kinds of calls.

Here's the restaurant bits where you could park yourself for the whole day with a book and order all the delicious Thai food and iced tea you would want.

The staff and other guests were so chill.  We met a German couple with a four year old daughter who had stayed here every year for the last five years.  We met a British couple who had just quit their jobs working on a "mega-yacht," they had some great stories.  Meeting other travelers is one of my favorite parts of travel; we always seem to find people that have the same sorts of philosophies as us and then you spend a good evening together talking about your life and the world and how crazy it all is.  We got on especially well with the Brits, they sort of reminded us of ourselves after we left Korea (leaving a life adventure/unusual work situation to move back to an undetermined "real life").  Can you even believe that was more than three years ago??  I can't.  Anyway, it was cool to meet other people in that phase of life, it is such a neat and terrifying place to be.  It also made me feel like damn, we really have come a long way.  

One day we went on a snorkeling trip to another island called Ko Rok.  We had mixed feeling about it.  The boat ride was a little nuts because the water was really choppy so we were soaked and tossed around for the hour it took us to get out there.  The snorkeling was ok, most of the coral was deadish which made me think about global warming more than I wanted to on my vacation.  

We had a lunch and some chilling on this beautiful white sandy beach.  It was cool until the fifteen other boats arrived, packed full of tourists.  By and large Russian and Chinese tourists sort of freak me out and there were many, many of them.  Not very friendly and sooo many selfie sticks (neither of these nationalities are exclusive users however, it seemed like every third person had one).  I watched a Chinese woman sit on this amazing beach and spend two full hours taking selfies of herself, pausing occasionally to change her makeup or add an accessory.  Maybe I am the weirdo for noticing her.  At the end of the afternoon we were ready to go back to Lanta where things were much more low key. 

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