Friday, 16 May 2014

"In the Country"

This week (now excuse me while I get all Aussie on you) we "took a holiday in the country."  It was Malia's birthday and she neeever takes a break, so we were more than happy to oblige when she wanted to celebrate by renting this lovely house and relaxing for a week.  

This seems to be a thing that people do here, renting a house "in the country" and relaxing.  I was sort of like, well what will we *do* while we are there, there's no beach! etc.  The answer is as follows, you sit around with your friends on the porch in the sunshine and make jokes and laugh and bond and have an all around lovely time.  

Our porch overlooked a nice yard and beyond that was open parkland so we had no shortage of natural entertainment.  We were also blessed with freak warm and sunny days, so nice to soak that up before what will surely be a long and crappy winter.

This is pretty photo heavy, but I couldn't pick less favorites than these.  They are all great!

As you can see, Molly and Benji needed no directions on how to enjoy their holiday.

Aunties are just the best and the goofiest.

We had a sort of "infestation" of ladybugs on the porch.  They were really everywhere, but luckily there were just enough of them that it was still fun.

Omg there was even a miniature pony and a horse next door.  They did cute things like eat grass and walk around and were very entertaining.

Look who's watching me watch the horses!

A hilarious progression of images.  Benji reeeeeally loves to lick and Jess is working desperately to break him of this.  He loves to lick Clem's face because cheekies and Clem loves it right back.  We will continue to try our best not to let on that this is hilarious and hopefully someday he will grow out of it.  

We recently purchased this Jolly Jumper and it's a huge hit with the little lady.  (Also, do you see how I put these three images together, it took me about an hour to learn to do this in some photo editing software.  Seems like a small thing but I am pretty proud of it!  Thanks for the help Alec).

Aaaaand an Oreo for Clementine, because it's her holiday too.

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