Monday, 19 May 2014

This Old House

We signed a lease on a new house this week!  This is a huge milestone for us.  There are many things we've loved about our current house, but with winter coming and a new baby in the house, we wanted something cleaner and more insulated.

So in two weeks we'll get the keys.  Before I start packing up all our treasures (and I love my treasures), I wanted to document all the little scenes.  We've done a lot of growing in this house, it represents a lot of independence here for us in Australia.

I hope you're ready for a lot of plants and color!

I am going to list where I got some of the memorable items for future memory.  These items are treasured possessions collected from travels all over the world.

Masks bought in Bali, sign bought at a bus station in Mokpo, and glitter skeleton was a gift.

My old license plate.

I love plants and I love color.  Alec bought me that big cactus for Christmas this year, the plant in the bottom left was a birthday present from his Grandmother Isabel a few years ago.  We brought these talavera pieces back from Phoenix on our most recent trip.

Succulent cuttings from all over and more talavera.  Also pictures of my littlest bros.

I found this in an Op Shop (Australian for Thrift Store).  Pro tip: Check the linens section, sure the sheets are mostly gross, but sometimes you can find sweet tapestry things or cool fabric.

Just in case anyone is starting to think this is the most glamorous house ever.. a picture of our bathroom sink.  Take notice that there are two taps, one for hot and one for cold.  This means that when you want to wash your face in the winter, you have to get cold water in your hand and quickly put it under the hot tap without freezing or burning yourself.  This is a lot to take on at 5:30 AM when you are getting ready for work.

Our bathroom shelf.  The bathroom is extremely tiny and mirrored on all sides, which is slightly terrifying when you are paranoid and need to wash your face at night.

Alec was like, "Um, are you seriously going to publish a picture of our toilet?"  I am because I think it might be interesting, plus LOOK AT THAT TILE.  Our toilet lives in a skinny room with its own door next to the shower room.

Our dining table.  I painted it pink!  I love my pink table!  We dragged that branch home from our local park, the painting came from my neighbor's rubbish pile when they moved out, my Mom brought that talavera last time she visited, and those cacti were also pilfered from someones rubbish.  People throw away a lot of really neat things.

A wide angle of the TV area.  

I bought this little kachina for Alec from a vendor from New Mexico.  
It's called the Early Morning Singer.

Clementine humoring her Mother while I finish my pictures.

So here is a little taste of where we live.  I put a lot of time and effort into making our house look nice and I am super extremely looking forward to arranging our things in a new space.

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  1. I love your old house- but also looking forward to visiting the new digs. After that positive comment, because I'm your mother, I will point out that I think the only time the toilet paper (in the toilet room, you know, next to the toilet) is actually on the little rolly thing, is when I visit.