Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mr. Bunnard Edwards

You may have noticed, we take a lot of walks.  Molly demands a walk every day and on top of that we walk to the shops and to the park and to the train and to anywhere we are not too lazy to go on our feets.  As such, we get to know our neighborhood pretty well.  

One of my favorite features of the neighborhood is this little guy.  This apartment bloc on our street has giant windows and we see him lording over the neighborhood from his second story window every day.  

I really have no idea what he is like or who his parents are (she??  omg what if he is a she!), but Alec and I have wild and sometimes silly imaginations.  We invented the name Mr. Bunnard Edwards for him because when you shorten it, it becomes Bun E.  ... get it?

Life is too short not to make up silly stories about your neighborhood rabbit!

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