Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Walky Walk

Have I mentioned how perfect the weather is in a Phoenix winter?  It's perfect.  It's that temperature right at the bottom of being warm just before you need a sweater, but you could wear one anyway if you felt like it.  And it's like that all day, every day, without a cloud in the sky.

Before Alec got on the plane for San Francisco, we all went for some lunch.  He had an evil flu, poor dude.  My Mom's house is in a rare pocket of Phoenix where there are actually things one could walk to, as long as it's not summer, because if you did this walk in the summer, you'd surely spontaneously combust from the heat.

We switched Clem's stroller to the big girl upright seat and she loved being able to see everything.  Seth and Bennet took turns pushing her around, although we had to make a no pod racing rule.

Handomest men ever.  This picture makes me feel like Alec is actually the one related to all these ones and not me.  He fits in well.

"Make a silly face!"

Neighborhood cactus.  The diversity of cacti in my neighborhood is something I never appreciated while living in this neighborhood, but now I go out of my way to look for them.  
Must do a post on this soon.

Holy crap they are getting so tall.

Clementine is having a great time as usual.

I am addicted to iced beverages on this trip.  If I leave the house in the car, I must go through the Starbucks drive thru for iced coffee.  
I'd say it's on my list of top-5 things I miss about America.  
There is something so oddly satisfying about the sound the ice (and not one or two pieces of ice, mind you, a whole cup!) makes in the giant plastic cup.  And then you have a whole thing of ice cubes to munch on afterward.... ahhh the luxury.

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