Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hi lookers!  I'd like to give a small thank you to whoever you are for stopping by.  We're almost up to 1,000 page views which feels incredibly exciting to me, because like I've mentioned, I was fairly certain the only person who visits is my Mom.  So yes, hello!  Also don't be shy and please leave a comment or two.

Blogger also has these neat stats pages where you can see where all your readers are coming from, so far you are from the United States, Australia, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Colombia, Taiwan, UK, Cambodia, and Mexico.  Who do I even know in Mexico??  Awesome!


  1. It's me! It's me in Mexico (Lindsay from Korea)!! Really loving the blog and the great photos of your amazing family! xo

  2. Oh neat, hi Lindsay! Thanks heaps, likewise I also love looking at your pictures in Mexico :)