Thursday, 6 February 2014


Stevie and I have a long history of battling over where we will eat for lunch.  She has a strange love of chain restaurants and I frankly usually hate them.  However, Stevie is almost 8 months pregnant and as such, I will gladly let her pick wherever the hell she wants to eat (with a healthy amount of grumbling on my part, naturally).

She picked Macayo's, I relented, and Alec was like "you're both insane."  Me, grumble?  No way!

If there's something I love even more than bitching about where I don't want to eat lunch (and I mean this without an ounce of sarcasm), it's delightfully tacky decor.  

OMG human sized parrots hanging from the ceiling??  Count me in!

I wouldn't mind owning these chairs...or that pineapple light fixture.

Alec makes an excellent model.

Giant murals of Mayan ruins, yes!

"Mom, why are you being ridiculous and taking so many pictures in a restaurant?"

Above the hostess desk.

Aaaaand, because this is Arizona!  Just sayin'.

I really do love and appreciate my home state in all its silliness.  The whole time at lunch I wished that the birds would break into song like the Tiki Room.

A few days after we took those pictures we ate in a different Mexican restaurant which also had ginormous parrots hanging from the ceilings.  I took a picture.  
Where can I get one or twelve, seriously?

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