Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pound Bend, Warrandyte State Park

Anders is here, yay!!!!!!  He arrived Saturday morning after a looooong flight.  We've been taking it pretty easy so far.  We decided an easy hike in Warrandyte (which is about 30 minutes driving from our house) would be a nice way to acclimate and see something cool.

I am a little jealous because it took me a good year and a half to see kangaroos in the wild after I moved here and it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying.  Now we've figured out where they live, so when someone wants to see a kangaroo we can take them here instead of the zoo.

For some reason we always have a hard time finding this specific trail, there are about four addresses listed on the internet.  After arriving to the correct spot, driving to a different spot, then driving back again, we got going.  For future reference, go to "Pound Bend Car Park," and the trail is all the way on the back/right.

After an easy half hour walk by the river, you come out to this open field.  Sometimes you need to trek back through the trees to find them, but it was rainy and chilly today so they were all out nomming the grass.

I'd compare them to deer I think, they hang out in packs and as long as you don't get too close or startle them, they are happy to leave you alone.

Keeping an eye on us.

I held back with Molly and Clementine (aka the noisy ones) so Anders and Alec could get a closer look.  They approached slowly and got about 15 feet away.  You wouldn't want to get closer because wild animals and look at those claws, plus there were quite a few babies/adolescents.

Molly wanted to chase them SOOOOOO BAD.  I've let her in the past, but this time especially because of the babies we kept her on the leash.  She was highly displeased.

Cute face.  Clementine was mildly entertained by the kangaroos but would have preferred to get out and roll in the grass and maybe sample some roo poo (it was everywhere).

She fell asleep at the very end, what a sweetie.

All around an excellent walk.  This week I think Anders and I will try to get into the city and see some things there.

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