Monday, 7 July 2014

Being Resilient

We moved this plant out of the yard a few weeks ago where it was in the cold and the rain and maybe looked a little dead.  As with most succulents I thought, this one just needs to dry out a little and get some sun and I bet it will come back.  And come back it did!  Now it's greened up and has these beautiful pink flowers in the middle of winter.

It feels like an object lesson of my life right now.  The difference between not working out and pink winter flowers is a few feet and some sunshine.  I'm knee deep in planning a business which is exciting and terrifying in all its own ways and taking care of Clementine full-time.  It has been a crash course in prioritizing, multi-tasking, and stress management for both Alec and I (like I'm sure it is for all new parents!).

After hitting my wall mentally more than a few times in the past months, we strategized on how we could get more help.  Turns out I have a brother who could work from home, is excellent with Clementine, and was keen to see Australia.  After a few months of strategizing and budgeting, he's here!  Now we have an extra set of hands in the house and I know it will make all the difference in getting more done.

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