Thursday, 13 March 2014

San Francisco

More from our phones.  These are from a few different days of adventuring.

Starting out our day at Irving St Cafe.  I am going to miss this food back in Aus.  
I have a new appreciation for hot sauce (sriracha!) on everything.

We walked to the Wharf and this is the only picture I took.  I wanted to see the sea lions, they were the best!!!!  If I get excited about anything it's animal sightings In Real Life.

lol @ Alec's blue sunglasses

California Academy of Sciences.  I think this was my most favorite thing that we saw.  Again, animals!  The aquarium here was tops and made me wish the one in Melbourne was better.

Gawwwwwww little feeties

Clementine thoroughly enjoyed watching the fish.  
She loves big windows full of ambient light.

Unfortunately there were about 900 people standing in this tunnel so I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd wanted to.  Try to go on a non-weekend day if you can.

Passed out Freddie Mercury style at coffee with a friend.

This tower is part of the de Young museum (which was a 10 minute walk from our house).  You can go to the top for free and the view is supposed to be really nice.

So we did it, and then the only fog we saw for two weeks happened.  Naturally!  
It was peaceful to sit and watch it roll in.

We drove around with some friends on our last day.  This is at the top of the Presidio neighborhood/area.  There were many Asian tourists around us with foot-long camera lenses taking pictures of the bridge.

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