Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Missing Melbourne

Phew.  We're back in Phoenix after our week in Seattle.  It was completely the best visit ever and totally refreshing for both of us.  We left the camera charger in San Francisco, so we didn't have that for as much as I'd wanted so all our pictures from that bit are coming from the phones.  I've raided Alec's for pics and found these from right before we left Melbourne.

After traveling for almost two months, we are getting the feeling that we are ready to be back in our home.  We miss our friends too!


We started going to Mount Burnett Observatory on Friday nights (because we are awesome and know how to party).  I know this is just me and not an "observatory picture" but I thought I'd mention it.  Its a small operation in someone's backyard, but they have a bunch of sweet telescopes and last time we got to see the surface of the moon and Jupiter with several moons.  NEAT!

This is Malia and Matt's back porch where we sit and talk about our days and do other things.

Alec's Grandparents, Isabel and Graeme, took the four of us out to eat at Hellenic Republic right before we left.  YUM.

Cute :)

The few days before we left Melbourne, there was a massive heat wave.  Temps were about 40-45c (or 104-113f for you Americans).  I know you've heard me whine about our non-AC situation!  We took refuge at M and M's house for a few days.  Clementine loved it and has these two wrapped around her finger.  Can't wait to get home so everyone can see how much bigger she is!

Aaaand something silly for good measure.  
You heard it here first internets, we like a nice green clay mask in this family!

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