Monday, 30 December 2013

A Walk to the Station

Something I'm especially excited about using this space for is showing off more of where we live and what we do to those we don't get to see all the time.  I've grown progressively hesitant to overshare on facebook (probably since around the time that we moved to Melbourne).  I don't know, I guess I feel a bit shy?  Alec also said "you don't post stories on facebook, it's just one thing."  So maybe that's why too.  I'm also considering it practice for our upcoming trip to America where I hope to actually take pictures this time!!!  My Mom gives me crap about this regularly, so you know... Hi Mom :)

Alec is on holiday from work for the two weeks over Christmas and New Years and we are all loving having him at home for the extra family time.  Going to the city for some lunch is one of our favorite ways to break up the day and get some sunshine.  It takes less than 30 minutes and there are so so many little scenes of things to see along the way.

We live in Melbourne, the city is divided into "suburbs" or what we'd just call neighborhoods.  We live in Thornbury and we absolutely love it.  It's beautiful and interesting and we can walk to or take public transport to mostly everything.

Metal Dad

I especially love the houses.  These are Victorian style and they are extremely common in Melbourne.  

I only felt mildly creepy taking pictures of my neighbor's houses.

Waiting for the train.

METAL!!!!! victory poses while waiting at the station (expect this to be a theme too)

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