Sunday, 25 October 2015

A walk around the neighborhood

Slowly, slowly over the last few years, my Mom's pocket of Arcadia has become hip.  Suddenly everyone is riding bikes everywhere (something that certainly never happened ten years ago).

These houses were built in the 50s which is nearly Medieval by Phoenix standards.  Most of the houses have been remodeled by well-to-do young people, but I think I prefer the original style homes.  They've been around long enough that their style has had time to develop, but you can still see where they all came from.  Everyone is planting their winter lawns this week so the grass is extra green.  

Alec, Bob, Clem and I took a walk around the block.  They jibber jabbered about politics or something and I took pictures.

Love that dusty blue tree with a yellow fence.  

The house across the street from us has converted their yard into a farm.  It's highly unusual for Phoenix but I think its rad.  What I wouldn't give to have as much planting space in our tiny Melbourne garden.

Back home again.  I really don't mind this fall weather at all.

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