Sunday, 27 September 2015


This weekend we attended a party hosted by my friend Kitty.  She throws genius theatre/dance parties where everyone dresses up based on a theme, with actors and performers and DANCING.  This Saturday night the year was 1939 and all the men were leaving for WW2.  Everyone felt so fancy, ladies in high waists, pin curls, and red lips and the men in "military" outfits (Alec will be better prepared for the next one.) It took place in an old Masonic Temple which felt like it hadn't been renovated since WW2.  It was a perfect fantasy.

I reflected with friends that as ladies in our late 20s/early 30s, we'd all have at least five babies by now.  I'm really glad I was born in 1986 and that I can make the decision on how many kids I want to have.  I'm also really glad we are safe from war.  We are so lucky.

The whole thing was so Melbourne.  I love it here.

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