Monday, 23 June 2014


We've been in the new house for a few weeks and decided it was finally time to get out and explore.  We wanted to move to Preston (which is the next neighborhood north from Thornbury where we used to live) because there is a giant Asian market.  This adventure was meant to end up there, but there was enough on the way that we didn't even make it.  There is way more stuff within walking distance than we originally thought!

Getting our jackets on because it's winter.

I spent the better part of Clem's nap time trying to get the pink out of my hair.  Um, obviously it didn't really work... I sort of chickened out and didn't want to damage it.  I guess I lightened it and managed to get more silver, which was what I was after.  Hair dye, it's like a science project on your head!

I am getting a little better at having my picture taken.

An excellent view of the city from the top of our street.  

There is this mosque a block or two away, it's so beautiful.  I'm interested to see if we can go inside, it looked like they have a little visitor center.

Pretty leaves.  I'm proud of this shot and I think I'd like to have an outfit with all these colors.

We found this little collection of shops a few blocks away.  One thing that I really appreciate about Melbourne is the neighborhoods are way more likely to have these small commercial bits integrated into the neighborhood.  So now we have a local cafe, crappy Italian takeaway(not dissing crappy Italian at all, sometimes it's all you need!) and Indian takeaway.  Sweet!

We stopped at Pomona and had a coffee and pie (savoury pie, not the sweet kind.  Unfortunately I'm still waiting for Aussies to catch on to sweet pie).  The service was great as was this pour-over.  I find something about a coffee with a little assembly kit really enjoyable.

Tomorrow, High St. Preston!  This neighborhood is a gift that keeps on giving.

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