Tuesday, 24 June 2014

High St

After the cafe, we walked another block to High St* which is extensive and mostly Asian.  Most of the restaurants are Chinese and we *can't wait* to do more exploring.  The market is closed on Sunday (because most things are closed on Sunday here) so we walked up and down to get a feel for it.  There were heaps of other families doing the same, we even ran into a few acquaintances.  

The back of Alec's head.  Molly was on the leash, it's still interesting to see how people of various nationalities react to her.  By and large, Asians are mostly afraid of her and will go out of their way not to walk next to her.  This was also the case in Korea.

AND THEN... we found one of my most favorite things.  The CHINESE DOLLAR STORE.
Oh goodness, I have so many feels about dollar stores.  It could also be known as the Cheap Asian Crap Store, not everything is a dollar.  It's amazing and full of weird/interesting things you never knew you needed.  This one was extensive, or as Alec put it, "that thing has its own ecosystems."  I tried to get a pic but felt like a creep so it's not very good.  This was only one section among many.

Maybe one of my favorite aisles is the Plastic Containers of Various Sizes aisle.  Bins and tubs and tupperware and pitchers and soooo many things.

We had to take turns looking quickly because Molly isn't allowed in stores.  This was probably for the best as it allowed me to only have enough time to buy tape, which was the only thing I needed.

Back on the street, most of the windows look like this.  Mmmmmmmm crispy duck and pork belly and chickens.  Need to try all the things.

After the dollar store we got a little hangry, so we ordered some dumplings for takeaway and walked home.  This is a picture of Clementine and I waiting outside for our food.  She likes to chew on the dog leash which is totally gross, I've had this leash almost as long as Molly and I've never washed it.  Oh well, germs yay!

That's all, can't wait to see what we get up to this weekend.

*Neighborhoods in Australia are called suburbs (but it's not quite like a suburb in America).  Every suburb has a little commercial center, depending on the size it could just be a corner store or restaurant, but the bigger ones will have a big street with businesses and shops and restaurants.  It's nice because every suburb has a little something different to offer.

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  1. Never fear darling- Mom has washed the leash. Soooooo, it was clean maybe two or three years ago. Good for Clem's immune system anyway.

    BTW, is she licking ants yet??