Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Clem lately

We are back to work now and Clem and I are back to our morning routine.  After Dad goes to work we come sit on the back porch for about an hour and she plays with stuff outside.  She plays somewhat independently with whatever she finds that morning (today it was a peach pit, a sticker, rocks, the watering can and a spoon) and I can do a little work.

Her play is taking on more advanced forms, she combines things and pretends with them.  She likes to stack the plastic seedling containers into each other and pretends to do things with them, like drinking out of a cup.  She's also very into this watering can.

She also has a "pretending voice" that she uses when she's playing, it's soft and a little more girly.

She got frustrated because her spoon got stuck in the screen door so I took it out.  She put it right back in.

She loves her blankie (the orange and blue one on the other side of the door) and likes to carry it around the house.  She also does this with my dirty clothes but doesn't do it with anyone else's, ugghhh.

Oh, and she also said "hat" this afternoon.

My big girl :)

I took a picture of our walkway because the nectarine? tree has this huge branch hanging over it that gets in the way.  I want to chop if off but it's heavy with lots of fruit so we'll wait until they are ripe.  Soon!


  1. Two things:
    1) Grams gave her her favorite blankie, and
    2) Maybe Clem was Spritzy in a prior life- whose favorite activities were lying on top of your dirty clothes pile (because really- hampers are just silly) and piling up the fam's stinky shoes and resting her head atop those.

  2. OK- one more.
    3) when she starts licking ants, you know she'll be off to college any minute.